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Bible Study with Dad is an audio bible study series online providing a comfortable format for listening and studying the bible with. It is our hope and prayer that you grow deeply in your relationship with Yahweh. Enjoy!

A Bible commentary is a written opinion of an expert in the gospel. It is an explanation and interpretation of the scriptures. Most commentators of the Bible are called theologians. Famous scholars include Augustine, Ambrose, and Gregory the Great.

This systematic explanation of the scripture often analyzes or expound individual books of the Bible. Each book is divided into chapters and verses. Commentaries examine each book methodically and in detail the constitution or structure of each verse.

They often expound on individual books of the Bible chapter by chapter. While some provide analysis of the whole scripture. The earliest Bible commentaries contained storylines and descriptions of historical accounts of the scriptures.

If you are looking for the best aids so as to understand and interpret the Bible here are some of the best ones that would help you in understanding each gospel.

John Calvin’s Bible Commentaries is a book written by a French theologian. He is a pastor and a principal figure in the development of the Christian theology system. Calvin was the first one who produces practically verse-by-verse commentaries on the majority of the books of the Bible. The deepness of his understanding of the Scriptures was totally impressive.

Calvin’s Commentaries is useful to anyone who would want to understand the Bible deeply. It is beyond helpful it is a guide to the central message of Scripture. John Calvin’s Biblical wisdom and understanding are incomparable. Christians are blessed by his works over the centuries.

Expositor’s Bible Commentary Series (Revised Edition) is a set which contains 13-volumes written by leading scholars. They are committed expert that are inspired to write for the interpretation of the scripture. It covers each book of the Bible study and fills the need for a complete yet concise commentary set.

It has thorough outlines, perceptive explanations of passages and verses. An overview of sections of the Scripture to picture on your mind the scenario and a random reflection to give more detail on important issues. It is also for busy travelers and pastors that have intermittent chances to preach.

The Word Biblical Commentary delivers the best in biblical learning, from top Bible scholars of our day. These students share a commitment to Scripture in a divinity way. This series highlights a thorough analysis of the word-based theological study.

It delivers a balanced insight that can be understood by an ordinary reader. These widely acclaimed commentaries serve as excellent resources for the proficient theologian and instructor. Students find it very helpful as well.

On these Bible aids, you will find every single verse of the Bible accurately construed for you. If you are having trouble reading a particular Scripture, you will find it very helpful. For those who are serious in studying the Scripture, each one of these aids is truly essential. The three (3) commentaries listed above are just some of the best ones on the market today.

There are different analyses for different levels of study. If you are a beginner, ponder on basic one that is written by people who have recently experienced transformation in their lives. You’ll find thousands of this on the market. Then progressively work your way into much deeper studies. It depends on your desire to understand and interpret God’s word.


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