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What we are about

Bible Study with Dad is an audio bible study series online providing a comfortable format for listening and studying the bible with. It is our hope and prayer that you grow deeply in your relationship with Yahweh. Enjoy!

BibleStudywithDad is an online ministry of Michael Long who love’s Jesus with all his heart and is following what God had called him for; that is to teach and preach God’s word in way that could reach them in the comfort of their homes, where ever they are even all around the word.

This online bible study was created out of his aspiration to reach out to the lost and help them to be rooted in the word of God, to pass on faith through bible study online lessons prepared for the fulfillment of God’s commission in Mark 16:15; that is to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.”

BibleStudywithDad is committed to edifying the body of Christ, to educate people who believe in God and help them grow in faith to the Lord Jesus Christ. It aims to bring glory to God in everything that is posted and about to post in the future on this website.

Bible Study Online Lessons

This site hopes to equip people to grow in their knowledge of the Word and learn the practical application of it in their lives and Michael gets this done by creating audio and video presentations of series bible study lessons.

We have an intense desire to impart a genuine love and appreciation for God’s Word. Bible Study with Dad has an aim to maintain its presence on the world wide web from the day it was started up to when it is needed until the Lord comes.