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What we are about

Bible Study with Dad is an audio bible study series online providing a comfortable format for listening and studying the bible with. It is our hope and prayer that you grow deeply in your relationship with Yahweh. Enjoy!

Bible online with Bible Study with Dad. See the admin's prayer and who're the recipients of this site.

BIBLESTUDYwithDad is a site where you can get free bible online audio where several bible verses were discussed per chapter for more in-depth study of the scripture and its context.

The purpose of bible online

First of all, it is the admin’s prayer to serve everybody if possible. Meaning, regardless of human’s different capabilities and limitations. As a matter of fact, one feature of Bible study with dad has Bible verses being read for you. Study the word of God of God without any amount of dollars to spent on. If you cannot read, all you have to do is just listen to the bible online audio.

People with hearing deficiency, blogs, testimonies and articles were present which could give the same inspiration to the readers. Experiences of real believers were shared in an aim to encourage others to continue walking in the will of God. However hard life may seem, still there will be people who are willing to help them to learn to face challenges.  Because we believe there is blessing for those who walk rightfully in the sight of God.

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We believe that reading and hearing ability should not constraint or limit the chance of hearing the word of God or knowing for that matter. As a result, video and audio lessons were created to be able to serve and reach as many as possible in different ways available.

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These bible online audio lessons will help you understand Jesus Christ, knowing Him deeper as a personal Lord and savior. This site shows how He works in the believer’s lives, grow in faith in God, walking in His will, facing trials triumphantly, discovering miracles, interpreting messages in the bible among others. These and more could only be attained by becoming familiar with the word of God.

We offer thick line of resources for the parents to help them teach their children as their first disciple. There are also helpful training tips to follow God and walk in accordance to His will. Furthermore, bible chapters were discussed in the manner that is understandable by the children using terms familiar to them.

Use our site’s list of free resources for your daily bible reading and studying.There are many lessons in this site which can be used in your daily devotions, bible studies and even sermon outline making thus will do great for those who are working in and for the church for our God’s glory.